IT & Entrepreneurship

One of Wharton’s greatest assets are the many entrepreneurial-minded students with for our 7th “University Around You” installment we wanted to highlight this amazing facet and focus of two key elements: tools for tech entrepreneurs and inspiring new student tech ventures. To achieve that goal, the Strategic Partnership team created a lunchRead More

Sims & Education Gamification

In addition to presenting students with tools to improve their academic experience, we hope that the University Around You series (see our 2017 and 2018 lunch and learns) enhances learning and inspires future leaders and entrepreneurs. With that in mind, we wanted to use our February lunch and learn to showcase two groups usingRead More

Research & Data

After the Survey Design & Analysis lunch and learn reached capacity at the end of 2017, we predicted that the 2018 University Around You series opening topic, “Research & Data”, would also be well-attended since students appreciate data collection and analysis tools. Because employers highly value critical thinking and data analysis, students want toRead More

Collaboration Tools and Spaces Review

Space and time – two components of student collaboration that consistently emerge as challenges in our annual student technology survey. In your busy student schedule, how do you find time to collaborate for group projects? On a university campus where meeting space is at a premium, where can you find collaborationRead More