Wireless Screen Sharing Using Solstice

For up-to-date Solstice information, please see this article: https://support.wharton.upenn.edu/help/202882573-wireless-connection-in-gsrs-via-solstice

Just a reminder that we have wireless screen sharing capabilities in the group study rooms (GSRs). Previous students mentioned that they wanted more flexibility in using the GSR displays and about a year ago, Wharton Computing implemented Solstice wireless screen sharing software to solve the need.

Gone are the days of tangled or missing cables as hindrances to screen sharing! Now you can share up to 4 screens at once from both laptops and mobile devices simply by downloading the free Solstice software (check out our instructions here and contact us with any questions). This feature is great for group projects which might require working in several applications at once.  One teammate can open Excel and share his/her screen while another can open Google Docs or Office365 to record brainstorming ideas while another can pull up video recordings — and there’s still room for one more screen to display on those large LCD screens. In the picture above, we demonstrate wireless screen sharing from a PowerPoint presentation on a Mac, a website from a PC, and an app from an iPhone. No wires, no fuss. Just uninhibited collaboration using Solstice!  We hope you enjoy this collaboration tool and would love to hear your input about how you are using it for academic success.