IT & Environmental Sustainability

As a prelude to Earth Day, the University Around You hosted it’s final 2018 lunch and learn about IT and Environmental Sustainability in April. We gathered some of the University of Penn’s leading authorities on the topic from Penn ISC, Wharton Operations, and the student body.

John Mulhern III, Principal Technology Advisor of Penn ISC, spoke to Penn’s decades-long approach to sustainability in IT, highlighting recommendations and Penn-specific research. He also discussed the challenges and covered some approaches to making IT more sustainable. David Mazzocco, Associate Director of Sustainability and Projects, focused on how Wharton Operations utilizes technology to render performance and influence sustainability goals. The Wharton Operations Sustainability mission is to advocate for Penn’s campus-wide greening efforts by identifying and implementing reductions in the environmental impact of the Wharton community through effective data collection. Michael Wong, Wharton UGR and CEO of InstaHub, presented about his company’s simple snap-on automation solution for energy savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Special thanks to the Penn Sustainability team for helping us identify sustainability experts on campus! Our “University Around You” series will resume next Fall 2018 with another lineup of topics highlighting all of the amazing technology services and resources at both Wharton and the larger University.

About Strategic Partnerships Student Team: 

The University Around You series is brought to you by the Wharton Computing Strategic Partnerships Student Team. Our goal is to provide a clear communication channel between Wharton Computing and students. We focus on building partnerships by engaging with students year-round through surveys, focus groups, and ad hoc outreach. We analyze findings and then work with relevant service teams and individuals to ensure continual process improvement.  Alex Milne leads the Student Strategic Partnership team. He is a Wharton Computing veteran with a long list of accomplishments here and at his previous role at Harvard University. Erin Murphy is a long-time contributor to Wharton Computing, providing exhaustive research, analysis, and development work.