Get Started

Welcome new students or new device owner!  Use the steps on this page to get Whartonized — which means to get your laptops and devices ready to serve you on your educational journey while in the Wharton environment.

  1. Get Started Before You Arrive:  You can create and learn about your accounts and privileges and get buying advice about laptops and mobile devices before your arrive on campus.
  2. Whartonize Your Devices:  Once you are on campus, you can connect your laptop to AirPennNet wireless, install antivirus software, configure email/contacts/calendars, set up printing, connect to the virtual lab, and and more.  You can configure mobile devices to connect to AirPennNet, sync email/contacts/calendars, and learn about email printing.
  3. Resources and Tools:  Once you have the basics configured, you can learn about all of the great resources and tools available to you as a student.  Learn about useful software for Wharton students (including Office 365), explore the SPIKE student portal, and check out our learning management system, Canvas.  You can also get acquainted with our public technology offerings (printers, group study rooms, labs, etc.) among many other useful resources.

If you get stuck Whartonizing your devices at any point along the way, we’d be more than happy to help.